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Jackets are often an investment, and caring for them properly can save you from having to buy a new one. Keeping your jacket clean is crucial to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. Should you dry cleaning jacket ? Yes, dry cleaning is a good way to clean a jacket. Machine washing can clump and damage the feathers of a jacket, and ruin the shape.

dry cleaning jacket

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Green Laundry is choice when need dry cleaning jacket

Not all dry cleaners have experience in handling jackets, and certain cleaning chemicals may damage the fabric and feathers in your jacket. It’s important to choose a dry cleaner with experience in handling jackets to ensure the best results.

When do you need to dry cleaning jacket?

It’s recommended to only dry clean a down jacket once a year unless you wear your jacket frequently or it becomes dirty or stained.

Always make your request

It’s important to point out any stains or areas that need special attention to the dry cleaner before leaving your jacket with them. Failure to do so may result in these areas not getting the proper attention they need during the cleaning process.

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