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Established in 2015, Green Laundry Danang is committed to providing the best laundry and dry cleaner services.

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Green Laundry specializes in laundry and dry cleaning services

This ensures that every single load of laundry entrusted to us receives the personalized care and attention it deserves.
Available services include “wash, dry and fold” laundry services, dry cleaning services, ironing services, stain removal services and clean shoes…

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Professional Dry Cleaning Da Nang

  • Dry Cleaning Da Nang Use completely with washing chemicals to wash clothes, it is not like industrial wet washing machines, it only uses water to wash clothes.
  • Outstanding features of dry cleaning:
Using completely chemical washing
Helping clothes not be wrinkled or losing folds
Ensure durability for leather jackets, felt coats, feather coats
Has a much higher cost than wet washing machines
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Prestigious laundry and dry cleaning Da Nang

With a commitment to always bring the best satisfaction to customers, with the following advantages:

- Washing 1 machine/ 1 guest. No matter how little or a lot of your clothes, Green Laundry will still wash them in a separate washing machine to ensure the best hygiene and avoid losing your items.
- Laundry products are clean, ironed flat, folded neatly for you.
- Reasonable prices, suitable for all needs of customers
- Diverse services, can be optional
- Ensure proper washing, do not fade or damage fabrics
Dry Cleaning da nang

Contact dry cleaning services

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